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Study Visa Extension
What is a Study Visa?

International students may require a study visa extension to complete their studies in Canada. R Immigration Services Inc. specializes in assisting students with the study visa extension process, ensuring that they can focus on their educational goals without any disruptions.

There are several reasons why international students may need to extend their study visas while studying in Canada. Some common reasons include:

  1. Program Extension: If a student’s academic program takes longer to complete than initially anticipated, they may need to extend their study visa to cover the additional time required to finish their studies.
  2. Change of Program: If students switch programs or institutions, they may require additional time to complete the new program. In such cases, a study visa extension may be necessary.
  3. Co-op or Internship: Some programs may have a co-op or internship component that extends the duration of the program. In these instances, students may need to extend their study visas to accommodate the additional time required for work placements.
  4. Pursuing a Higher Degree: Students who decide to pursue further education, such as moving from a diploma program to a degree program or from a bachelor’s to a master’s program, may need to extend their study visa to cover the additional study period.
  5. Medical or Personal Reasons: Unforeseen medical or personal issues may cause a student to take a temporary leave of absence or reduce their course load, extending the duration of their program. In such cases, a study visa extension may be required.

These are the most common factors.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a study visa extension in Canada, students must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  2. Demonstrate academic progress in their program of study.
  3. Maintain a valid passport.
  4. Continue to meet the conditions of their original study permit.

Our Services

R Immigration Services Inc. offers comprehensive support for study visa extension applications, including:

  1. Personalized Consultation: Our team of experienced professionals will assess your eligibility and provide tailored guidance based on your unique circumstances.
  2. Document Preparation: We will help you compile the necessary documents, ensuring that your application is accurate and complete.
  3. Application Submission Assistance: Our team will guide you through the application submission process, addressing any challenges that may arise.
  4. Status Updates: We will keep you informed about the progress of your application, providing updates as needed.

Step-by-Step Guide for study visa extension

  1. Determine your eligibility for a study visa extension.
  2. Gather the required documents, such as proof of enrollment, academic transcripts, and financial support evidence.
  3. Complete the application form for a study permit extension.
  4. Pay the application fee and, if applicable, the biometrics fee.
  5. Submit your application and wait for a decision from CICC.

Processing times for study visa extension applications can vary depending on the volume of applications received by CICC. It is advisable to apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry of your current study permit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you apply for a study visa extension at least 30 days before your current study permit expires. This allows sufficient time for processing and helps ensure that you maintain your legal status in Canada while waiting for a decision.

Yes, as long as you have applied for a study visa extension before your current study permit expires, you can continue studying and working under the same conditions as your original permit until a decision is made on your application. However, you must stop studying or working if your application is refused.

Choose R Immigration for Your Study Visa Extension Needs

At R Immigration, we understand the importance of continuing your education in Canada, and we are dedicated to helping you extend your study permit or visa. Our team of experts can provide a range of services to support your study visa extension needs, from eligibility assessments to post-application support.

Contact us today to learn more about our Study Visa Extension services and continue your studies in Canada.